Venice and the islands

From Chioggia, by boat, you can easily reach the famous islands of the Venice lagoon: Lido of Venice, Murano, Burano, Torcello, Pellestrina and the only and inimitable Venice. By public transportation (ACTV, line 11) Venice can be reached in one hour during the summer (direct line) or one hour and twenty during the other periods. Venice is a city unique in the world, a wonder, a miracle on the water, an open-air museum! Visiting Venice means experiencing a unique and unrepeatable emotion, so it is necessary to see it in all its many aspects and points of interest, starting with water. And even if you already know it, the magic of the absolute must of this city will conquer you once again. Venice is full of places not to be missed such as San Marco, the Rialto bridge and that of the Sighs, things to do like a gondola ride and on the vaporetto. Without forgetting then the wonderful carnival, one of the most beautiful and famous in Italy. In short, Venice is one of the places to visit absolutely at least once in your life!