Po Delta

The delta of the Po: Earth torn from its river, which inexorably with its endless branches, its inlets, its wide curves, slowly degrading towards the sea. The majestic work of nature combined with the interventions of man who for centuries has contended the land to water, reclaiming marshy areas, creating dams everywhere that keep the river in its bed, have created a truly unique and extraordinary scenario. In this landscape that stretches for miles as far as the eye can see, in a completely flat region, unrepeatable sensations are felt. Immersed in the quiet of the great river, in a time that appears still, immobile, you can discover and observe the many forms of life, beautifully adapted in their magical context. An uncontaminated environment offers, in fact, endless naturalistic ideas, both to the most expert visitors, who here can find truly extraordinary possibilities, both to those who simply want to dive and breathe deeply into nature, filling themselves with colors, sounds and perfumes. Truly impressive is the sunset along the roads that cross the banks that seem to meet the horizon, slender tongues of earth suspended between water and sky. Tracts of uncontaminated nature alternate with stretches of a discrete civilization, witness of the slow flow of the river that dominates, shaping and sculpting every fold of this land: here is a typical rural house, a majestic Venetian style villa, a field cultivated with corn, a rice field, a fishing valley, a beach of fine sand. All this is the magic of the Po Delta.