The most important sacred building in Chioggia is certainly the Duomo. The monument, designed by Baldassarre Longhena in 1624, replaces a former Cathedral of the tenth century, destroyed as a result of a fire. The work of Longhena gave the Cathedral of Chioggia a massive and imposing appearance, making it the tallest building in the historic center. On the façade there are the statues of the patron saints of the city, San Felice and San Fortunato. A chapel is also dedicated to the two saints in the church, in which their relics are kept. The Cathedral of Chioggia is divided into three naves, the central one is the highest and draws light thanks to the windows on the side altars. The minor altars open along the side aisles, are surmounted by altarpieces made by the most important artists operating in the area. The high altar was created by Alessandro Tremignon; on it the stories of the Virgin and of the patron saints are chronicled. The beautiful pulpit of 1677 was sculpted by Bartolomeo Cavalieri.