Civic Museum

The Museo Civico della Laguna Sud, also known as the Museo San Francesco fuori le Mura, is a place of interest located in Chioggia, in the province of Venice. Since 1997 its headquarters are located in the former Convent of St. Francis outside the Walls near Porta di Santa Maria and at the end of one of the major canals of the city, Canal Vena. The building was built in 1315 and, after the war of Chioggia that razed it to the ground, it was rebuilt in 1434. In 1806 desecrated and from then on it exercised various functions as a military warehouse and fruit and vegetable market. The museum runs on three levels and contains archaeological finds from the area. On the ground floor there are various finds from the Roman and medieval times; on the first floor it is possible to admire medieval, renaissance and modern collections; the second floor displays an exhibit concerning the navy and shipyards from the 18th century onwards, as well as a hall specialized in hydraulic technologies adopted in Roman times. The museum contains archaeological finds, coins, pottery, plastic, fishing gear, photographs and swimwear.