Fort of San Felice

The Fort of San Felice di Chioggia is located on what was once an islet emerged, near the place where there was a wooden tower, to signal the entry into the lagoon. Recognized as the main strategic place of the city of Chioggia, the fort was built to protect lagoon security. The Castello della Luppa (or della Lova) was built in the sixteenth century, and underwent major changes over the centuries. The fall of the Republic of Venice came to have the structure that we can admire today, located on the island of San Felice. Seen from above, the castle has the shape of a five-pointed star, a form similar to that of other Venetian defensive constructions. From the Fort of San Felice it is possible to monitor the entire surrounding area, at 360 °. Very beautiful is the entrance portal in Istrian stone designed in the eighteenth century by Tirali. The monument, not accessible, is surrounded by a natural park of undoubted interest, from which you can enjoy a surprising view of the city of Chioggia.